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TherapyGarden™ Rewards

Welcome to TherapyGarden™ Rewards!

And congratulations... you're on your way to even greater savings on every order!

Here's how it works:

Starting right now, on every order you'll earn one Reward point for every dollar's worth of goodies. You can watch those Rewards add up right in your mini-cart as you shop. The Rewards you earn are good toward instant discounts on future orders.

Your available Reward Points and their value are always displayed at checkout so, when you want to redeem them, just apply them to your order and your extra savings will appear in your order total. It's that simple. To find out how many Rewards Points you have available from previous orders, log in to your account and click on View or Change my Account Information.

Some reminders about TherapyGarden™ Rewards:

  • TherapyGarden™ Rewards may not be applied to gift cards, gift certificates, shipping charges or tax.
  • Reward points are considered earned and redeemable once your payment has processed so their availability may be affected by the payment method you choose. Please allow 24 hours after placing an order for the reward points earned on that order to become available.
  • Reward points are associated with your customer account so, to make sure you get full benefit, create only one account and always log in to that account.

Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions govern issuance, redemption, use, and/or consumption of TherapyGarden™ Rewards by each person who has the legal right to redeem or use such ("redeemer").

Redeemer must be 18 years of age or older.

TherapyGarden™ Rewards are issued as discount value on TherapyGarden™ purchases and are valid for partial payment of eligible TherapyGarden™ merchandise purchases only when redeemed through the website on the world wide web. TherapyGarden™ Rewards are surrendered upon redemption and cannot be redeemed a subsequent time.

TherapyGarden™ Rewards are denominated as points ("Reward points") and earned for eligible TherapyGarden™ merchandise purchases at a rate of approximately 1 (one) TherapyGarden™ Reward point per one US dollar ($1.00 USD). TherapyGarden™ Reward points do not equate to exact dollar amounts, and have no separate cash value. Reward points are computed on the net eligible merchandise total by rounding down to the nearest even dollar amount at time of sale. Reward points are issued pending payment processing at time of sale, and deemed earned and redeemable upon payment verification.

TherapyGarden™ Rewards are valid for one year from date of issue.

TherapyGarden™ Rewards may be redeemed by applying the total available Reward points as a discount toward an eligible merchandise purchase at checkout, when redeemer has available a minimum of 50 earned Reward points. TherapyGarden™ Rewards are redeemed at a rate of $.01 discount per Reward point.

TherapyGarden™ Rewards are not redeemable for gift cards or gift certificates, shipping charges or taxes.

TherapyGarden™ Rewards are earned and accrue to a customer account. Reward points are not transferable between parties or customer accounts, and can only be redeemed by the customer who earned them, using the account in which they were earned. Creation by one customer of more than one customer account results in forfeiture of all Reward points earned by the account(s) having the earlier creation date(s).

Cancellation of any TherapyGarden™ order in which TherapyGarden™ Reward points were redeemed results in forfeiture of the Reward points redeemed in placing that TherapyGarden™ order.

TherapyGarden™ Rewards redemption options, terms & conditions and rates are subject to change without notice. and Meadows Studio Designs reserve the right to modify and/or cancel the TherapyGarden™ Rewards program in their sole discretion.

These Terms and Conditions are governed by Arizona law. Any and all claims, complaints, suits, or actions, whether at law or equity and based upon the earning, use, or redemption of TherapyGarden™ Rewards, shall be arbitrated, mediated or adjudicated in Maricopa County, Arizona.

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