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Fundraising 101

Making your own melt-and-pour glycerin soap for fun and profit

You may be wondering: "Can my group really make money selling handcrafted soap?"

The short answer is "Yes!"

We've got nothing against chocolate bars (whatsoever) but, before heading down that well-worn path, we suggest that you crunch the numbers on making and selling melt-and-pour soap.

As with all business ventures, there are two economic rules:

1. It takes money to make money, and
2. Larger investments generally yield larger profits

Here's an example of how easy it can be to put these two principles to work for your group:

Lets say you have 35 members in your group, and you have a $500 budget. (If you have a smaller group or budget than that, don't be discouraged. Read ahead anyway to get the concept, and keep in mind that we offer fundraising kits for groups of all sizes.)

With 35 or more members, you would choose our flagship fundraising kit, TherapyGarden™ Soap Fundraiser Kit Platinum. It includes 75 lbs of soap and enough other supplies to make about 350 3.5-ounce bars of exquisite, boutique-quality soap. (I know that sounds like a lot of soap, but be patient...)

Here's how it breaks down:

Soap Fundraiser Kit Platinum
Estimated shipping 65.--
Cost subtotal 464.--
Cost per soap bar (divide by 350) 1.33

Now that you've got 350 bars of soap and you're under budget, how do you turn all that soap into band uniforms or football helmets or a trip to Washington, DC?

Let's assume a 'fundraising price' of $4 for your soap. Of course, you may wish to charge more or less depending on your customer base, but remember: This is handmade, boutique-quality soap -- equal in every way to the premium-priced products sold by big, bath-and-body retailers.

1 bar 350 bars
Fundraising price 4.00 1,400.
Cost 1.33 464.
Profit 2.67 936.
Profit % (profit divided by cost) 200.1 200.1 = a 200% profit!

In other words, on sales of 350 bars, you would recover your investment of $464, plus you'd earn another $936! Not bad. But you didn't tell us how we sell 350 bars of soap.

OK, let's talk marketing. Selling 350 bars of soap, one at a time, is possible but seems daunting. Maybe there's a better way.

Suppose you band them up in sets of 5 bars each. Run off some decorative labels (known as 'cigar bands' in the soapcraft trade) on your computer printer, three or four to a page, and tape them around your soap in bundles.

You now have 70 boutique soap sets to sell, with a fundraising price of $20 each (emphasis on 'Fundraising').

Can your sales team, which is 35 members strong, make 70 sales?

It's obvious that they can -- that's only two sales per member. Of course, some will sell much more. In fact, it's entirely possible you'll soon be wondering why you only bought 75 pounds of soap!

We wish you great success with your venture! And remember, at TherapyGarden™, we're here to help. If you don't see exactly what you need on the website, just contact us. Together we'll design a fundraising program that just right for you and your group.

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