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Tip of the Day Archive

Just pour a thin layer of soap base (the thickness of your cookie cutter) into a baking sheet, allow it to cool and cut out your embeds. Always use non-bleeding colorants when making embeds so you get nice, sharp color contrast and no color migration.

Concerned about using too much soap colorant and ending up with stains on towels or skin? Here's a simple test: Work up some lather and, if the lather is white, you're OK.

If you detect color in the lather, there's still an easy fix: more soap! Melt an equal amount of soap base and mix the two batches together. If your soap lacks the depth of color want, you can now start adding small amounts of colorant again.

The key to choosing the right Coconut Oil is giving thought to how and where it will be used.

With a low melting point of only 76F, Coconut Oil 76 is liquid at room temperature. So it's an ideal choice for massage oil or lotion.

Coconut Oil 92 is semi-solid to 92F, so it works well in soaps, balms, creams and ointments where a firmer consistency is desired.

Fractionated Coconut Oil--which is always liquid--is odorless, colorless, and makes an excellent, non-greasy carrier for alcohol-free perfumes and body sprays.

In addition to its many other benefits, aloe vera juice has the same consistency as water, so you can freely substitute it in all your recipes!

When exfoliants like apricot kernel meal are stirred into melted soap and poured immediately, they tend to sink to the bottom of the mold, giving you more exfoliant on one side of the finished product than on the other -- which may be desirable.

If you want your dry ingredient suspended more evenly throughout the soap, continue stirring to allow the soap to cool slightly and thicken before pouring.


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