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Tip of the Day Archive

  1. Choose concentrates: Don't ship water! Choose lotion, creams, colorants and hair care products as bases or powders that double or triple in volume when you add water.
  2. Coupons and Rewards Points: We pack a discount coupon with most TherapyGarden orders and TherapyGarden Customers earn Rewards Points every time they shop! Use a coupon code at checkout and watch the savings add up!!
  3. Combine shipping: Think co-op! Combining orders with friends and family will make everyone's shipping dollar go farther.
  4. Larger quantities save money: When you know you use a product regularly, look for it in a larger size. You'll pay less and you'll have to order less often.
  5. Plan ahead: Organize your order with a shopping list, then take your time at checkout so you don't miss an item and have to double back...and don't forget your coupon!

Adding a small amount of Vitamin E Oil to your salt or sugar scrub will extend the life of the other oils you use. Don't forget to add a little LiquaPar Optima (preservative) too, as water will likely be introduced if your scrub is used or stored in the shower.

Use our online Conversion Calculator! It's free! It's easy! Converts most liquid and dry measures we use in soap- and lotion-making every day!

When making soap from scratch (This does not apply to melt and pour soapmaking) -- Always add the lye to the water. NEVER pour water into the lye. Pouring water into lye can cause a dangerous, volcano-like reaction and cause serious injury.

Vanilla discolors melt-and-pour glycerin soap. Even in small amounts, such as those found in many fragrance oils, vanilla can turn your finished product brown--in shades ranging from beige to burnt umber. Control discoloration in your M&P recipes with a stabilizer, such as TherapyGarden™ Vanilla Tamer™.


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